Exemplary service department for sewing machines and small electrical appliances

Our long presence in the field of sewing machines and electrical appliances, the continuous training of our technicians and the sense of responsibility to meet customer’s needs constitute the foundations on which we rely to provide you with quality and high standard services.

Since 1990, we have invested in professional equipment such as lathes, milling machines, cutting gears, scissors and knives grinding machines with a gradient, mold manufacturing machinery, aluminum casting furnace, sandblast, electrostatic painting paint shop, presses as well as specialized diagnostic equipment. All these along with our warehouse are located in our 300 sq.m. privately owned premises.

Focusing on the customer's needs and relying on our experienced workforce, we provide from simple to extremely complex repairs of household or commercial sewing machines, ironing presses, ironing stations, scissors and any other kind of appliances such as vacuum cleaners, kerosene heaters, kettles, mixers etc. Our company offers high-quality technical support services and provides reliable solutions in failure recovery regardless of the time-related ware of the device or the spare parts availability. Especially in the field of spare parts supply, besides the stock which we maintain in our warehouse, we are able to manufacture spare parts that are discontinued, since we possess the blueprints and the materials for their production. Your exemplary service department always informs you about the cost of repair regardless of the cost height prior to any repair works. Moreover, there is no charge if you decide not to proceed with the repair. And most importantly: we provide you with a 12-month guaranty of good operation for your devices regarding the carried out repairs and controls. Our company has ever growing responsible partners throughout Greece for better and faster customer service. Of course in areas where there is no specialized service shop, you can send your device to us utilizing bus and courier companies.

The identification and restoration of any damage in the areas where we operate is a process which requires expertise and professional approach in order to offer a responsible and correct solution safeguarding the clients of any unnecessary exposure to negative consequences both in terms of expenses and time. Under these conditions, we continue to provide exceptional service since 1967.



Rebuilds of any Sewing Machine Type


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